Buying Myself a Programmable Thermostat for my Birthday Was a Good Idea

Tomorrow I will have been on this planet for over half a century, wow.

  • I sound akin to an aged statue in the park now, carved over half a century ago.

I have some cracks in my body plus a lot of the smoothness is gone from my skin, however my body is still quite healthy plus flexible. I try to eat well plus transfer my body a lot. I’ve been moving my body a lot each day, decreasing my aged dial control component which I am going to be replacing tomorrow with a brand modern programmable WIFI smart control unit. I also recognize it is a wonderful birthday gift to myself considering that I haven’t bought anything for myself for a long time. I recognize heating plus air conditioning equipment is truly crucial for health plus happiness plus love to put my money where my health is. I sleep better having a nice cool plus comfortable dining room plus believing that wonderful sleep is crucial for wonderful health plus happiness. I recognize my heating plus air conditioning plan is about many years old now plus will truly need to be replaced at some point, however for now I will get a modern control component plus see how long the rest of it lasts in the long term. I plan on playing some songs tomorrow in the streets with my friends plus then having a nice meal here in the flat for us all. I love to keep the flat cool for everyone because it has been so sizzling out plus a lot of them have no temperature control at all in their flats so this would be a treat for them.

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