Adding an air purifier to create a healthier living environment

While I was pregnant, I was extremely sensitive to certain smells and tastes.

I had issues with acid reflux, headaches and nausea.

I would wake up in the morning and start sneezing and coughing. These issues got me more aware and worried about indoor air quality. I was worried about what I was breathing in and concerned about creating a healthy environment for the new baby. I decided to talk with the HVAC contractor who I hire every year to service my furnace and air conditioner. He had some really wonderful recommendations. He told me to be diligent about replacing the air filters in the heating and cooling system every month. I also signed up for a maintenance program that includes annual intensive cleaning of all components. The technician inspects and tests the ductwork to make sure the pipes aren’t harboring contaminants. Removing the buildup of dust, mold growth and other harmful toxins from inside the heating and cooling system prevents allergens from getting distributed throughout the home. I also listened to the technician’s suggestion that I install a whole-home air purifier. The air purifier installed right into the ductwork and introduces positive and negative ions into the air that disrupts the DNA of pathogens, turning them harmless. It also causes particles to clump together, drop out of the air and get more easily filtered out. The air purifier handles unpleasant smells, dander and allergens that are smaller than a grain of table salt. Because of these strategies, I was confident that I was bringing my newborn baby home to a clean environment.

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