Adding zoned HVAC was easy

When my fiance and I purchased an older style home in the historic district, I was happy with the wood floors, doors and moldings.

  • We just loved the stained glass windows, high ceilings plus second floor balconies.

I was ecstatic with the large living room, plus my fiance was cheerful having a workshop in the lower portion of the house. We had no clue how taxing the home would be to heat and cool. It is a particularly large home and divided into lots of small spaces. There are a lot of rooms that the people I was with and I use for nothing but storage. We were paying to heat plus cool the whole home to the ideal temperature. There are rooms with lots of windows that are exposed to the harsh sun that tend to be warmer than the rest of the house. There are areas of the home that are shaded plus get hit by the wind. They are quite chilly. There was no way to target those rooms individually. I finally mentioned my concerns to the Heating plus A/C supplier who was servicing the oil furnace. He advocated that the people I was with and I upgrade to zone control. I originally assumed that meant breaking out the entire heating plus cooling system plus starting from scratch. He assured me that his business is capable of installing dampers into the existing air duct to direct the air to particular rooms. We now have an independent control device in each room that links to a central hub in the residing room. Through an app on my PC, I’m able to customize temperature to personal preference, occupancy plus the requirements of the room. Having zone control has significantly improved comfort. Plus, I’ve been able to trim our running costs by quite a bit. The savings on the heating and cooling bills are often reusing the investment into zone control.


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