Benefits of radiant heated floors

I think the best type of heating system is radiant flooring.

  • It offers unique and exceptional benefits.

Possibly the only drawback is that heated floors don’t offer the option of central cooling. In my local area, that isn’t a problem. My priority is heating, because the cold weather lingers for around eight months. One of the best home improvements I’ve made was suffering through the major mess and renovation of tearing up the old floors to implement the system of pipes. The project was expensive. However, my house now has brand new tile and hardwood floors with the heating system entirely concealed beneath. The equipment takes up no living space. It doesn’t detract from the decor, and I don’t need to arrange my furniture to accommodate supply or return vents. There is a boiler installed in the basement that heats up water and sends it through the network of pipes. The heat from the pipes spreads across the floor from wall to wall and corner to corner. It creates a very een layer of warmth that heats up all objects sitting on it and rises very slowly. With heated floors, there are no drafts, cold spots or stratification. The temperature between floor and ceiling never fluctuates more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Because the boiler uses water instead of air to convey heat energy, it doesn’t dry out the air, eliminating the need for a humidifier. The boiler and radiant flooring are a closed system, using the same water over and over. It doesn’t introduce any air contaminants. The system is especially clean, quiet and reliable. With very few moving parts, there is little that can go wrong. Boilers are super reliable and long-lasting. Maintenance needs are minimal.

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