Furnace includes adaptable speed technology

I’ve been looking into buying a new furnace.

  • My current heating system is approximately seventeen years old and definitely nearing the end of its service life.

In the last couple of years, the furnace has succumbed to numerous minor repairs. The cost of those services and replacement parts are adding up quickly. Plus, the furnace is struggling to keep up with demands. The winter weather in my local area is brutal. For more than half the year, we rely on the heating system. The temperature often drops below freezing, and it’s not unusual to experience conditions in the negative digits. Several times, I’ve noticed the house feels chilly. Certain rooms are colder than others. I have raised the thermostat setting but this doesn’t accomplish much. The furnace seems to run non stop. It’s using a great deal of energy, costing more in utility bills and yet the living space isn’t comfortable. I also have some concerns with indoor air quality. Instead of waiting for the furnace to fail completely and be in a hurry to get a new one installed during a blizzard, I plan to be proactive. I’ve been researching what’s new on the market and hope to schedule furnace installation over the summer. I am willing to spend extra for a higher efficiency heating system. There are models that feature adaptable-speed technology that allows the equipment to automatically adjust speed to provide the exact amount of heat necessary to maintain consistent and comfortable indoor temperature. The system can adjust in one percent increments anywhere between forty and one hundred percent capacity.

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