Getting gas fireplace serviced

My house is older and lacks conventional ductwork.

We’ve pieced together a combination of different styles of heaters to keep us warm in the winter.

It’s not ideal but we’ve been reluctant to deal with huge amounts of mess and pay the very expensive cost of installing a duct system for a furnace. In the living room we’ve added a ventless gas fireplace. I like that it closely resembles a wood-burning fireplace. The stone facade and wooden hearth and mantle are really beautiful and enhance the decor of the room. Instead of needing to chop and haul wood, light a fire and deal with smoke and ash, we simply press the button on a cordless remote to start the heater. The natural gas fireplace includes faux log and flames that are great for ambience. The system is fairly quiet and quite energy efficient. My biggest problem with the heater is getting it serviced. The company that installed the fireplace went out of business. There aren’t many HVAC contractors in the area who are willing to provide maintenance or repairs for a gas fireplace. I’ve read the owner’s manual and googled to figure out what I can do for upkeep on my own. I’m able to remove the front pieces and vacuum the dust from around the burner assembly. However, I can’t access the inner workings and I would assume dust, lint and other debris is accumulating. When I finally got an HVAC technician to come to the house to complete a tune-up, he did little more than what I can manage on my own. I felt the service was a waste of money.

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