Take care of the heater and it takes care of you

He washes up the blower, tightens electrical affixions plus lubricates moving parts

Living in the northern part of the country means seriously long, harsh and snowy Winter seasons. It is not unusual for us to start up the oil furnace sometime in October plus keep it running steadily until the end of April or early May! The temperature remains below freezing for weeks at a time… We expect to get temperatures down to twenty-five below zero and the wind chill makes it feel even colder. It particularly becomes dangerous to spend time outdoors, but a reliable, officially well working and energy efficient gas furnace is a key ingredient. I spent a small fortune on a top-of-the-line oil heater. I chose a model that features adaptable-speed technology plus achieves up to a 98% AFUE rating. While the purchase plus replacement of the oil furnace was a lot, my hope was to save money every month on lower heating bills. I want the gas furnace to last as long as it can. I take steps to avoid energy waste plus malfunctions. I upgrade the air filter in the oil furnace every week. I’ve also carefully caulked, weatherstripped plus insulated my home to minimize the workload of the oil furnace. I’ve enrolled in a service idea with a nearby Heating plus A/C business that includes inspection of the air conditioning system in the Springtime plus oil furnace in the fall. A certified specialist comes to the home to thoroughly check over, test, wash and adjust the oil furnace, however he verifies the safety of the heat exchanger and functionality of the control unit. He washes up the blower, tightens electrical affixions plus lubricates moving parts. He removes any buildup of hair that might otherwise hinder airflow.

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