Why you should consider a mini split

A ductless mini split system provides a very flexible solution to heating plus cooling.

These compact systems consist of a small outdoor compressor affixed to one or numerous indoor air handlers.

The air handlers can mount up high on the wall, be installed into a drop ceiling or be located right by the floor. The replacement requires a more than two-inch hole in an exterior wall for the conduit, access to power plus mounting capabilities. In most situations the replacement project can be completed in a few hours. There’s no need for major work. It’s not necessary to tear down walls or ceilings. The process creates no dust, plus the system incorporates attractively into just about any style of home or business. A ductless system is an ideal answer to older homes that lack conventional air duct, remodeling projects, workshops, additions plus slender replacement spaces. The system operates quietly, unobtrusively and offers both heating plus cooling functions. Today’s ductless mini splits feature inverter technology that allows the device to automatically adapt output to changing room needs. The result is exceptionally energy efficient and consistent temperature control. Another bonus, the higher end models effectively filter out contaminants plus dehumidify. They can be programmed plus operated through an app on the smartphone. One of the most rewarding pros of a ductless system is zone control. Each air handler includes an independent control unit, allowing customized temperature settings in individual rooms. The comfort level can tailor to occupancy, personal preference plus the needs of the room. There’s no longer a need to pay to heat or cool empty rooms. Those areas that tend to feel hot or chilly can be effectively targeted.

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