He learned a valuable skill of cleaning air filters

Graham and Jess remember giving their kid lessons to help him in life.

  • This hot summer day the A/C in their home was not working properly.

As a result, Graham and Jess decided to check the air filters, and they discovered that they were blocked with dust and debris. As they began to clean the filters, their kid asked them how they could prevent them from getting blocked so abruptly. The parents realized that he did not know how to clean the filters properly and decided to teach him. They explained that it was essential to clean the filters often and showed him how to do it. Graham and Jess took the filters outside, removed the debris with a brush, and then washed them with water. After the filters were cleaned, they put them back in the A/C, and their kid turned the A/C on. As he felt the cool air, he beamed with pride, knowing that he had played a role in fixing the issue. The experience not only taught their kid how to clean the air filters, but it also instilled a sense of responsibility and pride in him. He got to know the importance of respected repair and how to take care of their home and car’s a/cs. From that day on, Graham and Jess’ kid became more interested in how things worked, and they spent more time fixing and maintaining things around the house. It was a small lesson, but it taught their kid a costly life skill that he will carry with him for years to come.


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