They wrecked my portable tiny home.

I got a PC call last week telling my portable tiny home was ready to be picked up… I had the truck ready to transport my tiny home to the first portable tiny home community I was planning to stay at… When my portable tiny home arrived, it devastated me! They had broken the wheels off the back as well as the porch was sagging.

  • I was afraid to go inside as well as see what detriment they had done inside.

The truck driver told me she hadn’t checked the supports before pulling out. The people who had built my portable tiny home looked like they knew what they were doing, but all she did was hook up to the portable tiny home as well as bring it here. She knew there was something wrong when she looked back as well as saw flames. The wheels had come off, as well as the portable tiny home was dragging on the ground. The friction almost caused a fire, as well as I was lucky I had a portable tiny home to see. I asked how the porch got demolished. She told me that when the wheels came off, the household flipped as well as it smashed into the porch. I wanted to know if there was any detriment inside, although she wouldn’t go inside without me being here. I was almost afraid to go inside. What if the outside detriment made the household unsafe, but in I went! Everywhere I looked, things were in disarray or smashed. I cried, as well as the truck driver sat beside me. She told me to call the trucking supplier as well as they would pay for all the detriment.

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