Air purifiers are great for removing pollen from the air

I am so happy that Spring is finally here, and the weather is getting warmer outside.

It gives me a chance to partake in one of my favorite activities, and that is to take daily walks in the park near my home.

I do take walks when the weather is cold outside, but they are not as enjoyable because most of the trees are brown, and the cold breeze isn’t pleasant at all. So, typically, those walks are shorter as I am always trying to get back inside to warm up. Plus, having to wear layers of clothing while I walk is never comfortable. As much as I love the Spring, it does come with its own challenges. For instance, my allergies usually flare up during this time of year. And when they do, I need to take medicine just to be able to function like a normal human being. Additionally, in order to sleep well at night, I must use my air purifier as well as my humidifier. The air purifier uses a highly efficient filter that removes small particles and pollutants from the air. It filters the air better than the HVAC unit, and I have found that it has drastically improved the air quality inside my home. If I could find a way to use the air purifier or the humidifier outside while I go for my walks in the park, it would make my life more pleasant. But I am grateful that I have an air purifier in my home because at least it helps to remove that excess pollen in the air.

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