Air purifying system keeping it clean

I slept well last night, going to bed by 11pm on a Saturday night.

  • I used to be out all the time at night going to clubs and bars, however I grew sleepy from the scene and now find myself in bed before the time I would normally be just going out for the night.

I believe it is a lot better for my health to go to bed early, and I like the days so I can’t stay out late and get up early. I have a lot of friends that still go to the bars and local dealers till late at night, however a lot of them have really aged a lot too. I like to run my little air purifying unit next to my bed for pale white noise and to give me superb air quality when I sleep. Last night I slept entirely well, not waking up till late in the day. I will do my Heating and A/C system work for a couple of hours today and then go find some friends and rest in the sun. My associate and I may play some games later or we may even end up singing music and playing our instruments on the streets if we feel inclined to do so. This new supplier has us play on Saturday mornings when the weather is superb next to this outside fireplace, and my associate and I have a lot of fun making up new music and singing for the blissful audience. This winter will be a nice one and I believe it will be a busy season too.



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