Heating element in the heating device

I was talking about how my associate and I just went six weeks without any warm water in the flat.

Doing laundry with cold water isn’t too much of a problem, however taking a cold shower after coming home from the cold beach night is not a fun thing.

The cold water from the shower entirely jolts you and wakes you up, which is not what I am looking for in a shower before bedtime. But anyway, my associate and I now have warm water and life is superb again. I have to service a slow leak though and will need to drain the warm water heater tank to do it. I will have to put some more teflon tape on the fixture so that the water doesn’t keep dripping from the link. I believe I can do it without the help of my Heating and A/C specialist acquaintance at the local business, however if I need some help she will be here in a sec to help us do the job. I worked with her for a few years and we stayed friends after all of these years and she helps us when my associate and I are in a pinch. I believe that the heating unit I purchased for the warm water is a superb one and I think it will last us as long as my associate and I stay in this flat. I’d like to stay here for another five years and then transport to the top floor of a building so we both can have a substantial terrace and watch the stars at night. It should be a superb time with a rooftop terrace.

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