10,000 plays for some cooling repairs

I purchased a package of 10,000 plays for our SoundCloud song just to see if this repair truly works, and if so how the listeners feel about our newest song.

I’m not sure how the 10K plays works, if people really listen to it, or what will happen but I want to try it out. It set me back $33 and that is the best way to know how the repair works, and I’m considering that money gone, however it isn’t a big investment for me and if it doesn’t work then so be it, they can keep my money. Heating and Air Conditioning cooling system repairs is how I got that money and it basically was an hour of my time doing duct cleaning or heating and cooling component repair calls. If this repair from the promotion company does work though after that I will buy 10K plays each month to keep pushing us forward with our band and web presence. My local business neighbor told me about this when we were working in the Heating and Air Conditioning company a few months ago and she said it works great for her band. If it works for us then it will help us with getting more gigs because all of the plays and followers make us look more legit. Playing in air conditioned clubs and heated restaurants would be a dream come true for me however only when our music is ready for it. Until then, we will just keep practicing 150 hours a year like we have been, which is three hours a week of playing in temperature controlled dive bars.

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