Chasing the dream and cooling repairs

I decided almost 20 years ago to make a major change in my life and switch from working for money to chasing a dream of doing standup comedy.

I was an engineer for about seven years, and despite the fact that I was making lots of money, there was a pervasive emptiness that ran through my heart and told me there was something more to life than just getting by.

I had to make a lot of sacrifices to make this change, however looking back on it now almost 20 years later I can truly say that I am more pleased with life. Heating and Air Conditioning repairs, namely a/c repairs, pays my bills with just 15 hours of work each week, which allows me ample time to work on music in my band after switching from comedy a couple years back. If you have some kind of passion that you are suppressing I promise you that it will haunt you later in life if you don’t pursue it somehow. My cooling friend is old now and told me she regrets every day that she didn’t become a musician and just kept working in the Heating and Air Conditioning repair world for much too long. You don’t have to do something forever just because you have done it forever, and it is fear that usually traps us in a smaller life than we could be living. Go for it so you’re not regretting life like my Heating and Air Conditioning worker did when she retired, spending her whole life working on air conditionings and boilers instead of playing music for a bunch of excited people.

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