Getting a new tooth at the local company

I am going to bite the bullet soon and get a temporary tooth where my molar was pulled out almost two years ago.

It is the second to last molar, and although it is way in the back, you can still see the void when I make a big smile.

I don’t want to stop smiling, despite the fact that I also don’t want to look like an old pirate, so I am going to go get a temporary tooth put in till I can afford to buy a real implant. I don’t know what implants cost, however they aren’t cheap as my Heating and Air Conditioning tech acquaintance told me. I know she spent like $2K for an implant, which is way out of my price range right now with my money all locked in this Heating and Air Conditioning technology stock. I could wait another year or two however if I keep waiting I’ll never get one and will be a single toothless lady. My dad, who was also a heating dealer, had the same tooth missing although he was also married and it didn’t matter to him. But being single is a different story and missing a tooth could be a red flag to a potentially nice guy. I will go to the new business and ask him where he got his work done, and hopefully my Heating and Air Conditioning worker savings will be enough to cover it down the road if it isn’t way out of my league. I just don’t want to be worried about smiling and scaring people away because I look like a homeless man or something.



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