High velocity for older homes

My home was built sometime in the late 50s.

I enjoy that I still have the original hardwood floors, doors and moldings.

The high ceilings, huge windows plus pretty staircase are just attractive… Until about a year back, however, the people I was with and I struggled to keep the kitchen cool in the Summer plus hot in the Winter season. Without a conventional air duct, the people I was with and I were making do with a combo of electric furnaces plus window air conditioning systems. We invested into a natural gas fireplace that made a huge difference in the comfort of the living room/kitchen area. With temperatures dropping to the lower twenties in the Winter season plus climbing into the high nineties in the Summer, the people I was with and I needed a much more powerful, whole-home heating plus cooling system. My fiance plus I were unwilling to destroy the architectural integrity of the home in order to install an air duct. Tearing down ceilings plus walls would have created a giant mess plus expense. After some lengthy research, I finally came across high-velocity heating plus cooling. This type of system is designed recognizably to retrofit into older homes without damage. The air duct consists of mini-pipes that are bendy plus only several-inches in diameter. They can be routed through existing walls, around plumbing pipes plus power outlets. The actual heating/cooling device is compact enough that we were able to put it in a closet. The high-velocity system uses a process of aspiration to hastily raise or lower room temperature. It delivers the conditioned air at such a high rate of speed that it creates a gentle suction. Because of the high-velocity system, our whole home is now perfectly comfortable all year round.

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Pros of geothermal heat pumps

I was initially intimidated by the high dollar amount of purchasing plus installing a geothermal heat pump.

Because excavation is required to implement the underground loop system, the start up cost is large.

However, a geothermal heat pump officially cuts the cost of temperature control by fifty percent. It works by moving the outdoor heat between the ground plus the home. The system takes advantage of the no charge plus renewable energy provided by the sun. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels, so there is no combustion process. This cuts down concerns with fumes, hot surfaces, carbon monoxide plus the production of greenhouse gasses, making a geothermal heat pump especially smart. The Environmental Protection Agency considers geothermal heating plus cooling the most environmentally responsible choice of temperature control. The heat pump particularly produces 4 units of energy for every one it needs to operate, achieving a 400% efficiency rating. Another pro of this style of system is the generation of a free source of hot water. Plus, the geothermal heat pump effectively handles excess humidity in the Summer, won’t cause concerns with insufficient humidity in the Winter season plus filters the air all year round. The operation is particularly quiet and clean. The impressive energy savings have reuseed the original investment within 5 years. We now enjoy ideal temperatures all year round plus pay particularly little every week. The current geothermal heat pump includes bendy-speed technology that allows the device to automatically adjust output to the demands of the indoor environment. I love that the people I was with and I are minimizing our carbon footprint. Our next idea is to change to solar energy to cover the draw of electricity necessary to run the heat pump.

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Tighten the thermostat envelope

My boyfriend plus I purchased our home approximately ten years ago.

At the time, the people I was with and I knew the home was due for a new roof.

Since the people I was with and I managed to get insurance on the property, we didn’t get on that project. We had a lot of other home projects that took precedence. We wanted to install new windows, buy new appliances plus upgrade all of the lights in the house. We were hoping to upgrade the toilets in the bathroom, paint the walls plus add attic insulation. Eventually, we started finding stray shingles in the lawn after large storms. We needed to put down pails to catch leaks every time it rained. There was no choice but to invest into a new roof. The project was started in the middle of June, when the outside temperature was up in the high 80s. Because of the age of the roof plus all the layers, we needed to tear the complete thing off. That meant we could not run our air conditioning system. The home was so hot, plus there was a steady influx of bugs plus construction dirt. My whole family was hopeful for the roofers to finish. When I started up the air conditioning system, I was surprised how hastily it cooled down the house. The new roof has absolutely tightened up the thermal envelope plus improved the energy efficiency of the house. It has significantly lowered my utility costs all year round. The air conditioning system plus oil furnace don’t need to run as much or as long. I am hoping that reducing the workload of the heating plus cooling units will add up to greater reliability plus longevity.


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Adding zoned HVAC was easy

When my fiance and I purchased an older style home in the historic district, I was happy with the wood floors, doors and moldings.

  • We just loved the stained glass windows, high ceilings plus second floor balconies.

I was ecstatic with the large living room, plus my fiance was cheerful having a workshop in the lower portion of the house. We had no clue how taxing the home would be to heat and cool. It is a particularly large home and divided into lots of small spaces. There are a lot of rooms that the people I was with and I use for nothing but storage. We were paying to heat plus cool the whole home to the ideal temperature. There are rooms with lots of windows that are exposed to the harsh sun that tend to be warmer than the rest of the house. There are areas of the home that are shaded plus get hit by the wind. They are quite chilly. There was no way to target those rooms individually. I finally mentioned my concerns to the Heating plus A/C supplier who was servicing the oil furnace. He advocated that the people I was with and I upgrade to zone control. I originally assumed that meant breaking out the entire heating plus cooling system plus starting from scratch. He assured me that his business is capable of installing dampers into the existing air duct to direct the air to particular rooms. We now have an independent control device in each room that links to a central hub in the residing room. Through an app on my PC, I’m able to customize temperature to personal preference, occupancy plus the requirements of the room. Having zone control has significantly improved comfort. Plus, I’ve been able to trim our running costs by quite a bit. The savings on the heating and cooling bills are often reusing the investment into zone control.


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Never thought about our thermostat

Until recently, my household was getting by with an older control unit.

It was already installed when we moved into the home 12 years ago.

Although the people I was with and I upgraded both the central air conditioning system and oil furnace, it never occurred to me to upgrade the control unit with it. Because the component operated, I didn’t give it a thought. Over the years, I’ve made lots of changes to the home. I’ve focused on improving both comfort plus energy efficiency. I’ve invested into Energy Star rated, thermal pane, low E windows plus carefully caulked around them. I’ve upgraded the front plus back door plus added weatherstripping. Along with increasing insulation in the attic, walls plus ceilings, I’ve installed ceiling fans to help out the air conditioning system in the Summer plus the oil furnace in Winter season. I’m conscientious about scheduling maintenance plus replacing cooling filters in the heating plus cooling systems. The last time the Heating plus A/C supplier checked the oil furnace, he mentioned the pros of smart control units. Our up-to-date control device was a plastic dial that required manual adjustment. When I started looking into the odd models of smart control units, I was amazed by the number of options. Thermostats now come in different shapes plus sizes plus include touchscreen displays. It’s possible to upload favorite photos to customize the displays. They can be programmed to light up as someone comes to it, answer to voice commands plus provide the indoor/outdoor temperature plus humidity levels. There are control units that can particularly learn a 7-day schedule plus others that feature geofencing or occupancy sensors. Having access to all of the settings, alerts plus features through an app on my PC is seriously handy.

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Why you should consider a mini split

A ductless mini split system provides a very flexible solution to heating plus cooling.

These compact systems consist of a small outdoor compressor affixed to one or numerous indoor air handlers.

The air handlers can mount up high on the wall, be installed into a drop ceiling or be located right by the floor. The replacement requires a more than two-inch hole in an exterior wall for the conduit, access to power plus mounting capabilities. In most situations the replacement project can be completed in a few hours. There’s no need for major work. It’s not necessary to tear down walls or ceilings. The process creates no dust, plus the system incorporates attractively into just about any style of home or business. A ductless system is an ideal answer to older homes that lack conventional air duct, remodeling projects, workshops, additions plus slender replacement spaces. The system operates quietly, unobtrusively and offers both heating plus cooling functions. Today’s ductless mini splits feature inverter technology that allows the device to automatically adapt output to changing room needs. The result is exceptionally energy efficient and consistent temperature control. Another bonus, the higher end models effectively filter out contaminants plus dehumidify. They can be programmed plus operated through an app on the smartphone. One of the most rewarding pros of a ductless system is zone control. Each air handler includes an independent control unit, allowing customized temperature settings in individual rooms. The comfort level can tailor to occupancy, personal preference plus the needs of the room. There’s no longer a need to pay to heat or cool empty rooms. Those areas that tend to feel hot or chilly can be effectively targeted.

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In our area a boiler is needed

The weather in my local area is quite often wet, windy plus cold.

The fall plus Springtime seasons are often muddy. We occasionally get cold rain and hail. The Winter season weather sets in early and lingers for more than 50% of the time. We expect to have snow on the ground for Halloween, turkey day, X-Mas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. There have been years when the gentlemen have hunted for eggs in a blizzard. We’ve already had snow on Mother’s Day. With the temperatures regularly below 30 and often dropping into the downside digits, the people I was with and I need a powerful plus durable gas furnace, but since air conditioning system isn’t entirely required, a boiler is the ideal heating solution, then one of the only downsides of a boiler system is the lack of cooling capabilities. By the time the weather finally warms up, I am ready to open windows, let in fresh air and stop paying high energy bills. I have no interest in central air conditioning system. For my household, the priority is keeping a hot home from September to May without draining the budget. A boiler is a hydronic gas furnace, using water rather than air to transfer heat energy. It uses a closed loop that uses the same water over plus over again. Because of this, it doesn’t introduce any debris into the residing space. The boiler is exceptionally clean plus also doesn’t dry out the indoor air. It provides a particularly consistent, gentle plus healthy comfort. There are no drafts, cold spots or unpleasant temperature changes between floor to ceiling. In my house, the boiler connects to a combination of baseboard furnaces plus radiant heated flooring. The system is quite silent, requires particularly little maintenance plus promises a long service life.
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Glad I updated to central cooling

I waited a long time before finally getting my central air conditioning system. I live in an area with especially long Winter seasons, chilly spring and fall seasons plus particularly short Summers. After running the oil furnace for months at a time, I looked forward to opening the windows in the Summer. I loved the clean air and was relieved to get out from under the high utility bills. I set up a window air conditioning system in my home office so that I could sleep. When it was time to upgrade the oil furnace, the Heating plus A/C supplier recommended investing into main AC at the same time, but because of a dealership special plus a manufacturer’s rebate, the upgrade wasn’t overly pricey. I have been surprised plus amazed by how much I like having a whole-home cooling device. The improvement is huge. Instead of having one room perfectly cool, the entire home is now what I want it to be at. It is such a relief to step inside on a hot plus humid day. Even when the weather is mild, I still run the air conditioning system for the sake of air circulation plus filtration. With the windows closed, the home stays a lot cleaner. I no longer deal with an influx of debris, dander, insects plus exhaust fumes. I don’t notice noise pollution such as traffic plus barking animals. I sleep better at night and have more energy in the day. Because I chose a top quality air conditioning system that features a 26 SEER rating, the electric bills aren’t unsatisfactory. I think the cost is worth it for healthier air quality. I am also relieved to no longer need to carry the window air conditioning system up plus down from the basement.

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Signs you need a humidifier

Because of the especially long and chilly Winter seasons in my location, the oil furnace runs for approximately 5 months of the year.

With cold temperatures often below zero, the gas furnace carries a heavy burden.

It’s necessary to keep the home sealed up well. To avoid energy waste plus minimize energy bills, I’ve installed thermal-pane, Energy Star rated windows. I’ve carefully caulked around the windows and weatherstripped the outside of the doors. I’ve added a thick layer of insulation in the attic, walls and crawlspace, my efforts work to prevent the heated air from escaping outdoors plus the chilly air from coming inside. However, I’ve also limited natural ventilation. In the Winter season, the air is naturally quite dry. With the oil furnace pumping out hot air just about all day, everyday, the low humidity level inside the home becomes problematic. Walking across the carpet plus getting a shock is a sign of insufficient moisture in the air, however static filled hair, chapped lips, bloody noses plus dry skin are also consequences. There are concerns with hardwood floors, moldings, doors, furnishings plus music instruments cracking. The air can dry out nasal passages plus aggravate symptoms of flu symptoms, asthma, psoriasis plus eczema. There is an increased risk of respiratory infection plus it can take longer to recover from illness. Headaches, sore throat, congestion, coughing, sneezing plus difficulty sleeping are all signs of low humidity; Plus, dry air feels colder than officially moisturized air, leading to higher control device settings. The solution is a whole-home humidifier. I chose a steam-style humidifier that uses electrodes to turn water into steam. The steam is introduced into the air as it passes through the oil furnace. The moisture is circulated throughout the home to fix air quality! Every room is far more comfortable.

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Take care of the heater and it takes care of you

He washes up the blower, tightens electrical affixions plus lubricates moving parts

Living in the northern part of the country means seriously long, harsh and snowy Winter seasons. It is not unusual for us to start up the oil furnace sometime in October plus keep it running steadily until the end of April or early May! The temperature remains below freezing for weeks at a time… We expect to get temperatures down to twenty-five below zero and the wind chill makes it feel even colder. It particularly becomes dangerous to spend time outdoors, but a reliable, officially well working and energy efficient gas furnace is a key ingredient. I spent a small fortune on a top-of-the-line oil heater. I chose a model that features adaptable-speed technology plus achieves up to a 98% AFUE rating. While the purchase plus replacement of the oil furnace was a lot, my hope was to save money every month on lower heating bills. I want the gas furnace to last as long as it can. I take steps to avoid energy waste plus malfunctions. I upgrade the air filter in the oil furnace every week. I’ve also carefully caulked, weatherstripped plus insulated my home to minimize the workload of the oil furnace. I’ve enrolled in a service idea with a nearby Heating plus A/C business that includes inspection of the air conditioning system in the Springtime plus oil furnace in the fall. A certified specialist comes to the home to thoroughly check over, test, wash and adjust the oil furnace, however he verifies the safety of the heat exchanger and functionality of the control unit. He washes up the blower, tightens electrical affixions plus lubricates moving parts. He removes any buildup of hair that might otherwise hinder airflow.

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