Seal up that house – all new windows and doors

I will admit that I am an extremely cheap person.

I do not like to spend extra money on anything in life. I will buy the generic version of everything to save a dollar or two here and there. I will go without modern amenities in order to keep the cash in my bank account. I will even wear clothing that is ruined with bleach stains and holes so I don’t have to waste my cash I’m fancy new fashion wear. That being said, I really hate handing over money to the energy company. In fact, it makes me so upset that I would rather invest big money in my house to keep my monthly utility bills lower. I realized a few months ago that my indoor air temperature could be vastly improved if I could seal up my house. For many years I have known that my doors and windows needed extra insulation and complete upgrades. I live in a home with single pane windows that have definitely not been energy star rated to trap my expensive indoor air inside. I had put off making these large insulating investments because I was not ready to let go of my cash inflow. However, I also do not want to continue giving the energy company more money for operating my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system nonstop. It makes no sense for me to continually adjust my thermostat when I could simply adjust my insulation and save money for the rest of my life. I am surprised to even say these words… But I am upgrading my doors and windows next week for energy Efficiency.


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air vents are blocked by furniture

Sometimes I look around and wonder if my family is completely insane.

It seems like they focus on very strange things while absolutely missing the mark on other important aspects of life.

This is why I do everything in my power to take an honest look around and make adjustments for everybody. I don’t like feeling as though I am the authority figure in the family, but I’m not sure how else to proceed in this lifetime. Clearly, these people need my help. This couldn’t have been more obvious than last week when my brother started complaining that his indoor air temperature was never even throughout every space in the house. Despite using a central heating, cooling, and air quality control system he felt like he was constantly adjusting the thermostat to make up for fluctuating indoor air temperatures and poor air quality. My brother said that his bedroom, in particular, had very horrible ventilation. He didn’t think that he ever could channel enough indoor air into that space. Even when the thermostat was cranked up to the highest setting he felt like his bedroom was unevenly hot or cold. I am no heating and cooling professional, let me make that clear. However, it was extremely easy to figure out what the problem was with his central heating and cooling system. Walking into his bedroom, I quickly noted that it was overrun with bulky furniture and clothing. Maybe if he stopped blocking all of his air vents he could channel some high quality air from his central HVAC into his bedroom.


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Fresh air – Heat Return Vent

I can acknowledge that I am not well versed in anything having to do with home ownership or handiwork.

I’m the type of person who would like to cuddle up with a book and pretend that the world doesn’t exist all day. I definitely do not go out of my way to get involved with any of the home repairs or renovations that my husband is constantly talking about. In fact, when he calls service professionals out to our house I do everything in my power to stay out of the way. I don’t want to hear about our heating and cooling system, our potential energy savings, or all of the other expensive maintenance services that we could theoretically purchase. My only interest is making sure that the indoor air temperature is comfortable, our home is safe, and our energy bills aren’t going to put us on the street. My husband is the one with the intense interest in central heating, cooling, and air quality control systems. That’s why I was on board when he wanted to install a heat return vent, or HRV. To be fair, I had no idea what he was talking about when I agreed to the HRV installation. It turns out, there is a way to properly circulate your indoor air by bringing in as much fresh air from the outside as you exhaust from inside. This is what an HRV accomplishes. I have no idea which HVAC technician installed the heat return vent or how much we paid for it… But I can tell you that the indoor air quality has improved.



My allergies and air filter

Sometimes I think that my husband does not take me seriously.

Every time I’m talking to him about something that’s important to me it seems like he zones out.

It’s difficult to keep his attention and he rarely engages with the things that I have to say. I honestly have no idea why things are so challenging between us, but I wish that he would listen to me once in a while. For instance, when I tell him what air filter to purchase for our central heating, cooling, and air quality control system it would be awesome if he could actually write down the correct air filter. It’s not a case of me being overly particular about our indoor air quality. This is important for my allergy symptoms and overall immune health. For many years I have been trying to convince my husband that my indoor allergies are a real problem. I can’t breathe or see straight when there are airborne contaminants floating through our central heating and cooling system. No matter what I do, it doesn’t seem like over-the-counter allergy medications help me. However, if we purchase a high-quality HEPA air filter this will absolutely reduce my allergy symptoms. I cannot breathe easily and my eyes stop watering so much when we have a HEPA filtration device in place. Do you think my husband could listen to this simple air filter request and purchase the correct air quality filtration device? Absolutely not. He’s too busy laughing at me for all of the funny sounds that I make when I cough and sneeze. Amazing.

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Saving money with less energy overall

For many years I have been trying to build up my savings account.

I am tired of feeling like I live paycheck to paycheck or a single misstep could sink me. I don’t like feeling as if I am one bad decision away from living on the streets. This is why I have been working very hard to collect overtime money at my job. Furthermore, I realized that it was very important to reduce my monthly bills in order to maximize my spare cash. I stopped eating out or making random purchases on Amazon. Then, I started focusing on my energy usage at the house. Obviously, if I could cut down my indoor appliance reliance I would be able to put more money in the bank instead of handing it over to the energy company each month. The largest contributor to my high energy bill is my indoor air handling equipment. You see, my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system has never been especially efficient. For as long as I can remember, I have had to adjust and readjust the thermostat settings throughout the day to keep up with the fluctuating indoor air temperatures. I know that my house can be rather drafty and this wasn’t contributing to my lower energy bills, either. That’s why I decided that I would insulate my house better so I could rely less on my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system throughout the month. By stealing up my house and reducing my thermostat settings 2 conservatively utilize my heating and cooling system I have saved a lot of money on my energy bill. Pretty soon I won’t be living paycheck to paycheck.
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HVAC in the car on road trips

As you might imagine, without any Indoor air Temperature control a road trip can feel much longer.

Sometimes I wonder if people are completely jaded about flying on airplanes. For some reason, it seems like people expect airplanes to be extremely luxurious and convenient methods of travel. This may have been true back in the 1950s, but these days riding on an airplane is anything but comfortable or fun. In my experience, airplanes are claustrophobic, the air is smelly, and the other passengers are very rude. This is why I would much rather take a road trip in a vehicle. Recently I decided to rent a car rather than going to the airport which was riddled with airborne contaminants that might be deleterious to my house. I rented a car from the local shop and made sure to triple check that the indoor air temperature control unit was working well. I have had too many experiences with malfunctioning thermostats, heating systems, and air conditioning units 2 ever trust a rental vehicle HVAC system. As you might imagine, without any Indoor air Temperature control a road trip can feel much longer. When you cannot adjust the indoor air quality to circumvent the unfortunate outdoor air temperatures for your optimal comfort it is a challenge to get through a long drive. I can’t tell you how many times I have sweated without air conditioning or shivered without heat. This is why I make sure that the onboard temperature control system is up to par before I leave the lot. If you can hammer out the potential HVAC issues with a rental vehicle, driving is superior and safer than flying.


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Getting new AC for low maintenance mom

I really do my best to be a contributing member of my family.

It’s not as easy as it might seem.

If you grew up with people who are anything like my family members, you understand that humans can be rather difficult. No matter what I do, it seems like I am losing with them. If I try to contribute anything to their lives they react poorly. If I keep my space and isolate myself from the family they also react poorly. This is why I have been reluctant to try to help my family members with their recent struggles. However, when my mom told me that she was living without any indoor air conditioning I knew that there was something I could do. Because I work in a thrift store we often have strange appliances roll through the door, including heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment. Normally I wouldn’t advise anybody to purchase a used heating and cooling Appliance. However, I knew that my mom would be more enthusiastic about the air conditioning unit if I told her that I got it for a deal. My mom is such a low maintenance individual that she would never purchase an air conditioning system for herself. Additionally, she would be upset if I spent a lot of cash on a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control appointment for her. That’s why I decided to buy an indoor air handling device from my work that she could never get upset about. When I presented the air conditioning system I was shocked that my mom actually smiled and gave me a hug.

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Dumped me to focus on HVAC degree

I have decided that I’m not sure if I want to date ever again. I know that I say this every few months and then I changed my mind. However, this time I am fairly serious about the assertion that romantic relationships are a bad idea for me. This is largely because the last guy I accidentally wound up dating broke my heart just like everyone else does. I actually thought that this one was going to stick around and stay true to his word, but he decided that heating, cooling, and air quality control was more important to him than our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that he was looking forward to a career in the air quality control industry for the past several years. He desperately wanted to get into heating, cooling, and ventilation technical school so he could get his HVAC certification and join the local heating and cooling Union right away. I supported all of his goals in the indoor air quality control industry and even helped him study for his HVAC repair tests. However, apparently he felt as though I was too much of an emotional and mental distraction to coexist with his important heating and cooling degree aspirations. He randomly called me the other day to say that we could no longer see each other because he had important heating, cooling, and ventilation skills to learn. Even though he has less than 5 months left in his HVAC certification program, he thought that this should be a permanent split. Well, after all of this hot-and-cold activity I think that I am done trying to find my ideal romantic match.


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Warm up house before hike is over

I have decided that I have a very strange internal thermostat.

I’ve known this for a number of years when I first recognized that my peers seemed to generally be much warmer than I was.

We would be sitting in class diligently taking notes and I would be shivering in my seat. Meanwhile, my peers looked completely comfortable despite the overhead air conditioning blasting away at us. I was always putting on several layers of sweaters and coats in the middle of the silent lecture hall. I hated the horrible indoor air quality that we were subjected to while we tried to learn. Unfortunately, it seems like my internal thermostat has only gotten stranger. These days, I noticed that I am rather immune to the cold as long as it’s the first thing in the morning. When I wake up I am capable of going outside in a sweatshirt without feeling a single chill. However, halfway through the day I need to have several heavy layers of clothing on my body in order to feel adequately warm inside. This is with a working central heating and cooling system that is supposed to be making the house a comfortable air temperature. No matter what, I can’t seem to get warm enough unless I am blasting the central heating system at full force. This is why I decided to install a smart thermostat in my house. Now, I can easily go outside for a hike in the morning when my body is immune to the cold air temperature. Halfway through, I adjust my home thermostat so that it is extremely warm by the time I arrive. That way, my internal temperature regulation system can be adequately satisfied with HVAC.

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I know winter coupons are coming

My friends plus family are always making fun of me for the Extreme Measures that I will go to to save some currency, and do I eat the same thing every single morning for every single meal? Yes, I do.

  • Do I walk everywhere so that I can save currency on gas plus vehicle insurance payments? Absolutely, plus it pays off in spades.

Am I known for living in subpar conditions so that I can save some currency on my quarterly utility bills plus rental cost? You know that it’s true. However, recently I guess that I have easily been doing the responsible Thing by waiting to have my heating, cooling, plus air quality control system professionally service by a local indoor air quality control dealer. Normally, I would be putting off this high-priced heating, cooling, plus ventilation service because I was too afraid to spend the currency. This time, I am simply delaying the indoor air temperature control system service appointment because I know that I will be able to save more currency on my heating, cooling, plus ventilation service service in about a month. You see, we are on the cusp of a huge seasonal change. I could spend a lot of currency to have my a/c component absolutely repaired right now or I could wait a few extra days plus get a huge discount on the professional indoor air quality control appointment. My normal heating, cooling, plus air quality control dealership runs a special every winter on indoor air temperature control service appointments for cooling systems plus dehumidifiers. This way, they encourage people to service their A/C systems before the summer time rush. I know my house is a bit moldy plus sizzling right now, but I willsave a ton of currency if I wait another month for the A/C repair.

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