The Office Didn’t Have an Air Vent

When my spouse and I were building our current home, we spent hours meticulously picking out all the details.

  • Designing the blueprints was my favorite part, because we had the ability to customize the layout of the home and add and subtract anything we wanted.

One of my requirements for the new house was an office for myself. I didn’t need anything fancy, but I did need the space. There wasn’t a lot of room within the square footage, but our contractor was able to give me a small space that would have been used for storage. The only downside to this idea was that there was no connection to the central HVAC system. I thought the lack of an air vent would be fine because the space was rather small. I assumed that if I left the door open, I’d be able to heat and cool the space perfectly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I loved having a designated office space, but I rarely used it because it was always too hot or too cold. I had no idea how not having an air vent would affect the space so much. There was no way to route the central HVAC system to the space without spending thousands of dollars and remodeling the space, so I sought out other options. The best solution for me was a ductless mini split unit because it could heat and cool the space. A ductless mini split unit was perfect for heating and cooling a small space in an efficient way. My only regret is that I didn’t have it installed sooner.

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A Portable AC Unit For His Room

A few months before our son had his Birthday, we started asking him about what he wanted. He’s never been a materialistic person, so trying to get a gift idea from him is challenging. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to listening to his interests and for keywords that will help me find gifts for him. Recently, he’s been talking about how warm he is in the evenings. I thought this was odd because I don’t think it’s warm in our house, but then again, my bedroom isn’t on the same floor as his. One evening, after he had already gone to bed, I went upstairs to see if I could feel a temperature difference. I thought there was a slight increase in temperature when I made it to the top of the stairs, but not compared to the temperature of my son’s bedroom when I opened the door. For some reason, his bedroom was significantly warmer and I had no idea why. I cracked my son’s window and turned on his ceiling fan. The next day, I called the HVAC company and asked them to come service the HVAC system. The HVAC professional who came was able to find a blockage in the ductwork, which was causing the air to be cut off in my son’s room. Once the blockage was removed, the air began flowing into his bedroom again! Even though my son’s room was cooler with the blockage taken care of, we decided to get him a portable AC unit and he loved it! He loved how he could control the temperature of his room.

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Single Air Vent Is Mighty

Sometimes, the only way I can see my family is if I drive three hours north to visit them in their home.

  • I moved to a completely new area after graduating college in order to take a new job, so it makes sense that I spend more time visiting my family than my family visiting me.

Most of my family still lives in this area, so I enjoy coming up to see everyone when I have the time to do it. Three hours isn’t a long drive, but I still hesitate to come visit whenever I get the chance. It’s not that I don’t enjoy seeing everyone, because I do. Unfortunately, the only place I can stay when I’m in town is at my parent’s house and while that’s fine, their guest bedroom is a nightmare. There is one air vent situated on the floor beside the bed, and it is powerful. When the heat is running, the guest bedroom overheats and the only way to cool the space is by opening a window. The overhead fan works, but it only pushes the hot air around. When the furnace is running and I’m staying in the guest bedroom, it feels like I’m suffocating in a furnace. I wish I could say that it was more comfortable during the summer months, but it’s not. When the AC is running, the guest bedroom turns into an icebox. No matter how many blankets I pile on top of the bed, that guest bedroom feels like I’m sleeping in an igloo. It’s shocking how extreme the temperatures get in that guest bedroom when there is a single air vent.



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I Needed to Take Care of My Home’s Air

I used to struggle with severe seasonal allergies.

Without fail, when the weather started transitioning from winter to spring, my head began to fill up with congestion and pain.

My eyes would water constantly, my nose would always be running, and my head constantly pounded. Even though I took over the counter medication, I always found myself staying inside my house whenever possible. I felt like any time I walked into the open air outside, my body was just filling up with pollen and pollutants. One day though, I realized that I was actually causing more harm than good by staying inside because I wasn’t taking care of my HVAC system and it was making my allergies worse! I spoke with a friend who was a doctor, and she told me that one of the biggest triggers for allergies was a home’s HVAC system, especially if it wasn’t serviced. HVAC systems needed attention from certified HVAC professionals in order to run efficiently, and part of that was having the air filter replaced. Air filters needed to be replaced at least three times per year, but sometimes more if the pollen and pollutants were bad. I wasn’t changing my air filter, which meant a ton of dust and debri were getting lodged inside, spreading into my home’s air. My friend also told me about HEPA certified air filters. They were the best on the market, because they could trap any and all pollutants. Once I took her advice, my allergies were relieved almost instantly!

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Saving home energy from your HVAC system

A lot of homeowners don’t realize the amount of money that is wasted during simple tasks in your home.

For example when people leave the room and forget to shut the lights off.

Or when you start your shower and leave it running longer than necessary. However most people forget about saving energy and money when it comes to their HVAC system. More than half of the energy that is used in a person’s home is consumed from their HVAC system. To prevent excess use of energy and spending more money than needed you should be aware of the amount of energy that your HVAC system uses. For example by looking at the energy guide label on your HVAC system or information from your HVAC technician this lets you know how much energy is consumed from your HVAC system. You can also have a professional assessment from an HVAC provider where they give you specific recommendations and advice to lowering your consumption of energy. Also it’s important to occasionally have your HVAC technician check your air ducts and seals to make sure that there is no air leaking from them. If air is leaking from them this means that there is a slight percentage that your HVAC system is working more than it needs to. Another easy way to save is by lowering your thermostat in the winter and bumping the thermostat up in the summer so your HVAC system isn’t turning on all of the time. As always consult an HVAC provider for questions or advice when working and maintaining your HVAC system.
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Going on vacation and having an argument with a friend who sets the air conditioner too low

Just yesterday I came home from vacation.

I just got back to work today and I am already swamped with all of the work that I have missed.

On my plane ride I was not looking forward to going back. I was longing for the hot, and sunny beaches again. However I was ready to get home because I cannot stand my boyfriend’s friend. He is very nice at times but is very picky and if he doesn’t get his way he throws a fit. For example the first night that we were all staying in the hotel room he decided to put the thermostat to 62 degrees. I let it slide the first night because I do like sleeping in a colder environment. At home I will set my thermostat to 70 degrees so my air conditioner will kick on right before I go to bed. However when I woke up the next morning since our friend set the thermostat so low I was extremely exhausted. This was because I did not sleep due to the fact of how cold it was, I woke up at least three times during the night shivering. I told him that I was freezing because of the A/C. He just laughed at me cynically. I also said that I did not want the A/C to be set that low again because I wanted to be able to sleep good. He disagreed with me and started arguing and I brought it up that it was unnecessary to set it that low and that he was wasting a lot of energy as well.

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Information on Air conditioners

The other day I was looking up information on how to better maintain my air conditioner.

I also wanted to know a little more information because my new central air conditioner was recently installed.

My HVAC provider came to install it and there was no way that I could install it by myself. Plus he didn’t give me a lot of information on it. I was not impressed by the service that I received so I decided to contact another HVAC company that worked on the same brand of HVAC systems. While I was looking up information I found out that pretty much two thirds of the U.S. operates with air conditioners in their homes. Not to mention that air conditioners use about five percent of the electricity in America as well. I also found out that the operation and functionality of HVAC systems are somewhat similar to a person’s refrigerator in their kitchen. This is because a person’s air conditioner uses energy to get the heat from the interior parts of one home to the warm environment air that is outside. This is basically the same thing what a refrigerator does as it is trying to keep the components inside the fridge cool and release any heat that may be inside of the refrigerator to the outside. It was a good thing that I replaced my fifteen year old HVAC system to a modern one. According to the research that I read, by switching to modern systems, it can reduce energy that is produced by twenty to fifty percent.


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The principles of heating

I can remember elementary school like it was yesterday.

  • I have always had a good memory but elementary stands out the most to me because of the childhood memories of all of my friends.

Plus I loved going to school around this time. I had the best teachers and kept in touch with one, she was my mentor throughout my entire education. I learned a lot and will always remember my fundamentals thanks to my grade school teachers coming up with songs and sayings to remember certain. I’ll always remember the process of heating in science class. There is conduction, radiation and convection. The other day I had my HVAC technician come to my home to see about updating my HVAC system. He was talking about these three heating processes and went into detail about them. He said that the reason why the heat in my home gets so hot is due to the conduction in the attic’s roof and windows. He said to minimize the heat I could install heat-reflecting roofs and add more insulation. Another way to keep my home cooler in the summer is by keeping my shades down from the sun’s radiation. Therefore I wouldn’t have to turn on my A/C as much. There is convection that can heat the house quickly through my furnace. By having bedrooms upstairs my house seems warmer than my downstairs. With the hot air circulating, my body will take in the heat causing me to feel much more warmer upstairs than downstairs.


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The importance of maintenance of an HVAC system and changing the HVAC air filter

Plus he always changes the HVAC air filter, he says that the importance of changing the HVAC air filter is what gets unwanted particles from entering the home, and most importantly, it aids in the efficiency of the HVAC system

The other day I literally cleaned my entire house. There are designated days during the year that I try to do this. Since I have such a busy schedule I never really have time to thoroughly clean my home. At times I really can’t stand living in a dirty home and I can’t stand cleaning. I have finally found a happy medium where I can still live in a clean home. I will clean up after myself but I will not go above and beyond to clean every little surface until the end of the month. Just this past weekend that is exactly what I did. I cleaned my floors, all of the rooms, the gutters and even my HVAC system. I had my HVAC technician come over to do a routine check. The technician will check all of my ductwork to make sure there are no clogs and he cleans them as well. He will check to make sure that the HVAC system isn’t working harder than it should be. Plus he always changes the HVAC air filter, he says that the importance of changing the HVAC air filter is what gets unwanted particles from entering the home, and most importantly, it aids in the efficiency of the HVAC system. My HVAC technician always tells me how things are going with my heating and cooling system. It’s important as well to make sure you find a reliable and trustable HVAC company who is willing to help you. Read reviews and do research so that you know what kind of HVAC company you are hiring.

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Living in the south with bugs that live in the air ducts

I have never heard of certain things that occur in the south until I started living there. I never knew that certain southern foods such as grits were such a popular hit. This is because where I used to live up north, there would never be grits in any of the restaurants. I felt somewhat silly when I asked one of my new friends when we went out to breakfast what grits were. Not only are there different types of food, but there is also different types of bugs. There are many different types of spiders and even cockroaches. I have never seen a cockroach before where I lived but that could be mainly because the climate is so cold. I had to call my HVAC technician multiple times to see if there were ways that I could keep out a type of cockroach from living out of my air ducts. It is so disgusting but my HVAC technician has told me that it is pretty popular where I live since they like to nest in the trees that hover over my house. They will find ways into my home and creep into the air ducts. They prefer the air ducts because it is dark and cool in there since I run my air conditioning unit almost all year. My HVAC technician also told me that I could switch out the air registers so that it is somewhat harder for the bugs to get into but if I wanted to remove it entirely I should call the pest control immediately.


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