It was evident that the heating and AC was failing

We’re in our mid sixties but we often feel much older.

We drive an old truck that doesn’t even have working A/C any longer.

And it was just the other day that we got our first smartphones. So to say that we’re a bit behind the times is pretty accurate. That’s why when it’s time for us to embrace new stuff, we’re often amazed at how unusual things are. A great example of that is when we updated the heating and cooling systems in our home. Believe it or not, we got just over 20 years worth of maintenance from the old Heating and A/C unit. This was Heating and A/C unit that came as a standard component when we bought our home. Our cabin was built in a planned community and we got to choose particular things and one of those was the Heating and A/C unit. We went with the higher end of the residential Heating and A/C and it paid off. We got most of the longevity out of that Heating and A/C unit due to all the maintenance from the Heating and A/C technicians. But it was obvious once the utility costs started spiking that our Heating and A/C unit just was on its final hours. The Heating and A/C technician confirmed this so we got about the process of replacing the heating and cooling equipment. We have to say that we’re just completely knocked out by all this new Heating and A/C technology that came with our new residential Heating and A/C. We are also happy that it’s pretty intuitive so even newbies like us can figure it out. But the smart temperature control is really so convenient and is saving us so much more money as it manages the quality heating and cooling in our home.

HVAC service plan

We make sure the heating and air conditioning is ready

We forget more stuff than we remember these days.

That’s just sort of part for the course as we’re aging. However, we think a lot of what we forget is stuff that ends up way down on our priority list. We’re still grown adults and taking care of the huge stuff. Like there is no way in the world that we would forget about getting heating service done on our gas furnaces. That’s just not going to happen. Getting the Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman to inspect and service the gas furnaces before winter is not something that will slip off of our to do list. Where we live, there is so much cold and snow that we would be bonkers not to have the gas furnace inspected by a Heating & Air Conditioning professional every year. We not only make sure the Heating & Air Conditioning component is ready, we back that source of heating with an extra source of heating. We have wood stoves that were custom built for our homes years and years ago. Our initial thinking was that it would be good to have wood stoves in the event there was no power for an extended amount of time. But the longer we lived here and the more the heating cost rose, so we’ve been using the wood stoves. Our winter preparations begin in May or June with cutting, hauling, cutting and stacking a winter’s worth of wood. It’s great to have the supplementary heating and lessen the load on the gas furnaces while keeping our heating costs to a minimum. Plus, we sleep at night knowing that no matter what, we’ll have heating in the houses.

I have to count on my HVAC so I count on my HVAC professional

I forget more stuff than I remember these days.

That’s just sort of par for the course as I’m aging.

But I think a lot of what I forget is stuff that ends up way down on my priority list. So I’m still a full on adult and taking care of the big stuff. Like there is no way in the world that I would forget about getting heating maintenance done on my gas furnace. That’s just not going to happen. Getting the HVAC technician to inspect and service the gas furnace prior to winter is not something that will slip off of my to do list. Where I live, there is so much cold and snow that one would be certifiable not to have the gas furnace serviced by an HVAC professional every year. I not only make sure the HVAC unit is ready, I back that source of heating up with an additional source of heating. I have a wood stove that was custom built for this house years and years ago. My initial thought was that it would be good to have a wood stove in the event there was no power for an extended amount of time. But the longer we lived here and the more the heating cost rose, the more we used the wood stove. Now my winter preparations begin in May or June with cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking a winter’s worth of wood. It’s great to have the supplementary heating as that rey does lessen the load on the gas furnace and keep our heating costs to a minimum. Plus, I sleep at night knowing that no matter what, we’ll have heating in this house.
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A new year sale for the new HVAC equipment

Having worked as an HVAC provider for a decade, I have studied and know the patterns of our customers.

Most customers will replace and carry out HVAC maintenance in the fall, but because of the preceding holidays, many will put them off until the year begins.

Though the number of customers who prefers to do new HVAC installation at the beginning of the year is lower, they still exist. I worked with the local HVAC business for a few years, and the trends of the residents in the city are different from the national level. About three years ago, we discovered that if we had a January sale, we would benefit from a lot of business, and so would our customers. The deal includes new HVAC equipment and the cost of certain repairs done by our HVAC repairman. Most homeowners retain the same HVAC brand, so we surveyed the most popular brand and stocked our inventory with quality HVAC products. One of the most common thermostats is the wireless one, which allows customers to set the temperature on their smartphones. We keep changing the sale. Last year, we focused on the services our HVAC professionals provide to help with indoor comfort. This year we focus on the new HVAC units we acquired the last year. In the first week of the year, we saw an increase in sales as people got to hear about the crazy discounts we had. Our technicians have also been extremely busy repairing the broken HVAC systems from the dropped temperatures. We have also been nominated as the fastest-growing company in the local business. It is always my joy to help our customers in any way we can.
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Finally, doing the HVAC maintenance all on my own

I have been an intern at the local HVAC business for a year and have learned many things about quality HVAC systems.

I joined the company immediately after graduating as an HVAC professional. The program the local business offers ensures that graduates get further training and experience working in the industry. The program wrapped up late last year, just before Thanksgiving. I visited my parents for the holidays, and they live in the next state. They have about five acres of land with animals, fruit trees, and an artificial lake. The place is breathtaking. They had purchased new HVAC equipment from a reputable HVAC brand a couple of years ago, which had served them well thus far. They had to change the thermostat for a newer model from the local HVAC provider, but they also maintained the same HVAC system for seven years. When the HVAC installation occurred, the HVAC repairman gave them his contacts and would do any needed repairs on the unit from time to time until he relocated to another state. My parents were delighted that I was spending the holidays with them and my cousins. It is a big house and can first a lot of people. Just before Christmas, the HVAC unit started making weird noises that indicated something was off. Most companies had closed for the holidays, so I stepped up. I trusted my training and the skills I had acquired and decided to run HVAC maintenance to help with indoor comfort. I had my cousin’s help by handing me the tools needed to repair the unit. When I switched it back on, we all jumped for joy when we noticed the weird noises had stopped. My parents were proud to see that I enjoyed my chosen career path.

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The quality HVAC system was essential for the growth of my business

Last year, my long-time friend and I started a business selling high-end handbags.

Our capital was over 50,000 dollars, and we needed to ensure we got back from the company.

We did our research and found a good vendor from whom we got the bags. Though we got a good discount, we still paid a lot for quality merchandise. Besides acquiring the product, we needed to ensure the shop was secure and safe from theft and had a quality HVAC for the staff and the maintenance of the merchandise. Before opening the shop, we visited the HVAC business and chatted with the HVAC professional. The expert advised getting a heat pump as we would use it throughout the year. It has cooling and heating capabilities and was quite affordable. He took us to the local business, where we got an HVAC provider selling new HVAC equipment from a famous HVAC brand at a discount. We purchased the heat pump and booked the HVAC installation. The new HVAC unit did help with indoor comfort for the staff and the merchandise. An experienced trader advised that we create an excellent environment to maintain the quality of the bags. With the thermostat, we would regulate the temperature, ensuring they would not fall as low as the temperature outside. After researching this information, we found that specific temperature provides the material used for the bags last a long time, hence why the bags are pricy. The HVAC repairman would regularly visit the shop to do the HVAC maintenance. The HVAC system was also a worthwhile investment. The business has been going great, and we are about to get back the money for capital. We also have returning customers, which is unheard of in this industry.

Heating and air conditioning

Working in a frigid classroom demands furnace

I used to be a high school English teacher.

There were lots of things I loved about teaching High School students, but ultimately, I determined it was not the career for me.

I lasted about 10 years In the high school classroom, and then I gave it up. Out of those 10 years, the worst Year was, by far, the year that the HVAC system in our building went on the fritz. We start our school year here in the Southeast near the end of august. There is no hotter place or time than August in our state. we need our air conditioning! if we are unable to use our AC for some reason, we are not pleasant people to be around. Not only are we angry without our air conditioners, we also can’t think straight, can’t pay attention, and don’t care about anything or anyone. It only gets worse when the thermostat dips really cold and we have no heater. That is what I remember most from that one year where I was teaching with no Heating and Cooling system. That year was an unseasonably cold year, and it got cold very early in the year. I remember that since we had no heating, I was wearing a leather coat in the classroom along with my gloves everyday. There was another building at our school, and that is where the math and science teachers worked. They had proper HVAC equipment. It was only Us in the”old building” that suffered. Anyway, working in a frigid classroom really makes people demand a furnace. Even down here in the southeast, we occasionally need Heating, although I do admit that most of the year we spend air conditioning our lives.

I visited a museum about HVAC

I am a person who loves to go to museums.

  • It really doesn’t matter what kind of Museum it is, actually, because I like to learn about the history of just about anything.

I have been to the Country Music Museum or Hall of fame. I have been to museums set up as shrines or alongside shrines for people destined to sainthood. I have even been to a little tiny Museum in the Southeast that pays tribute to a man who is said to have started the whole air conditioning movement. way back about 2 or 300 years ago, there was a doctor named John gory. He worked with patients in a hospital or sometimes called a sanitarium. The patients were suffering from TB, otherwise known as tuberculosis. The TV patients at that time suffered miserably, and they especially suffered during the hot months of the year in the southeastern United states. That is where I currently live, the southeastern United states. If you have ever been here, you know that the heat and humidity in the Southeast is atrocious. If we did not have air conditioning, I am convinced that no one would live in my state. The exception might be the natives who lived here before we came along, but nowadays, the ancestors of those natives also are accustomed to air conditioning. We don’t have to use heating quite so much, but even every once in a while we do have to count on our furnace in the winter. Anyway, I am getting sidetracked away from the museum about the father of air conditioning. Dr gory decided one day that the miserable heat was not helping his patients recover, so he came up with a cooling device. it was very crude, in that it was simply a fan blowing on a large block of ice. as the ice melted and the fan blew on it, the patients got cool. voila! air conditioning! and our city and state has grown by Leaps and Bounds ever since then.

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The HVAC community

My life is quite different from my married working buddies here in the States.

I see them with their families and wonder if I made the right choice not getting married or having kids.

Some of them seem so connected with the community with their local businesses, and it makes me feel like I am on the outside looking in sometimes. But then they tell me to never doubt that I made the right choice staying single and being a performing artist. I guess we all feel like something is missing sometimes no matter which path we choose. My HVAC company boss is so busy with his business and family that I need to schedule weeks in advance to have some hangout time with him, when we used to hang out all of the time when we were heating and cooling specialists working for this local business when we were younger. I guess my art is my kids and as far as a wife is concerned, well my love life has been a series of dead ends since I was a teen. I’ve been working for this local contractor for a while and this lady, who is an HVAC rep, seems to be interested in me and I might give love one more try. I’m 55 years old now and don’t want to be a lonely old man down the road so I better find someone who can stand being around me for more than two years and make something out of my life. Well, back to my heat pump repair for now, see y’all.


Residential heat and AC

A filter sale

I’m going to write one more of these articles and then take a break for a few minutes and do my yoga routine.

After that I am going to work online for about another 45 minutes or so and then go for a walk in the park and test out my knees.

I kind of overdid it recently with exercise and sports and need to be careful with my knees. I also need to start taking my collagen and glucosamine supplements to help heal them and get them stronger again. My knees kind of grind when I walk and cooling and heating them each day helps speed up the healing process. I use ice packs to cool them down and then I heat them back up with some hot water bags. I was cooling them down in the sea but I am not near the sea now so I have to cool them with ice and I will heat them up with the radiant heater or with the hot water bags. They are feeling much better today and I am going to maybe get an MRI done on each one to see what is causing the grinding sound and feeling. My HVAC tech friend had the same problem and he said rest and ice were the best therapy for him. I guess he kind of did too much too soon and hurt his knees, after this injury he got playing volleyball with me one day. He does a lot of lifting of heavy HVAC equipment and also does lots of duct cleaning and he needs his knees working well for that stuff.



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