Commercial properties are my next step

I started getting into real estate when I was quite young. I lucked out by buying a small home that was on a sand patch that was once a lake. When the lake came back I hired out home repair services and sold the house for a huge profit. I have since done this quite a few times. I look at homes for sales and apartments for sale. I either have a general contractor repair them and flip it, or I keep the place for rent. Having apartments for rent and homes for rent makes quite a bit of money. Those monthly paychecks I do put into my rentals. I feel like I am constantly hiring out handyman jobs in order to keep the places going. It sometimes is a furnace repair, electrical issue or a plumbing emergency. Nobody is just good, you know. There sometimes is money leftover to put into another rental though. Right now I am looking into commercial property sales. I want to change over from apartments and homes to storage facilities and businesses. My ideal would be to own a mini storage facility and rent out each unit. Can you imagine the money I would make from this? I am not against buying a building or a stretch of buildings and having businesses put in there. Dealing with a business owner rather than a tenant is a much easier process. You typically get a better class of person this way. They are better about paying the bills and will stick around loger. I know there are even some property leases that state the renter has to pay for all the repairs.

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The new suspension and shocks help the truck a lot

I noticed that the car is much quieter now too

I was riding around on bad shocks and a bad suspension for so long that I forgot what it is like to have a vehicle that doesn’t shake and shutter every time I hit a bump. I got some money for my birthday and I decided to use it to make some performance upgrades on my truck. The shocks and the suspension were at the top of my list. I got several estimates from performance shops close by and I chose a place with great reviews and good remarks from my friends. Lots of people used the same performance shop in the past. My friend Jack had a tuning kit installed in his car and he used the same auto performance shop. The performance shop is known for working on diesel trucks and foreign cars. The parking lot is always filled with cars and trucks. They stay busy all of the time. I had just enough money for the new shops and suspension. I also planned to get an oil change, but I did not have enough money. The new suspension and shocks help the truck a great deal. The performance upgrades make the truck feel like I am riding around on a cloud of air. I can’t feel much at all underneath me unless there is a giant pothole. I noticed that the car is much quieter now too. The performance shop gets three stars in my book service, prices, and savings. . I left the place a good review online and I will be sure to tell my family and friends that this particular place is honest and trustworthy.
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The aftermarket air filter was cheaper than the original

I had to take my car to the dealership to get some work done on the engine.

My tuning kit was not performing properly and I needed them to look at the suspension as well.

While the car was in the shop, I got an oil change completed as well. They also completed an alignment and rotated the tires. The guy from the auto body dealership called me after he realized that I had an aftermarket air filter on the car. He felt that the air filter needed to be cleaned or replaced. The price for the aftermarket air filter turned out to be less than the price for the original part. I expected the aftermarket air filter to be 50 or $60 more. I was surprised to learn that it was not going to cost me that much money. After all of the performance upgrades were made to the car, I went to the dealership to check it out. The first thing I tried to do was adjust the tuning. I got the same error message from the unitronic tuning kit as I did before I took the car to the dealership. It didn’t even look like they did any work to the tuning system. I requested to talk to the mechanic and he tried to tell me that the tuning problem was not listed on the work form. I had a copy of the work form in my wallet. The very first and chief complaint about the car was the unitronic tuning kit. Those yahoos wasted three days and they still had not fixed the original problem.

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Replacing the water heater

A couple of months ago, when I planned to wash dishes, I encountered a problem.

I turned on the faucet and noticed that the water temperature was extremely hot.

Adjusting the faucet made no difference. The water remained scalding hot. I headed to the basement to check on the water heater and water pump. I was only partially down the stairs when I heard water running. I discovered the basement flooded due to a ruptured water heater. It’s a very good thing that I discovered the problem, because we were definitely at risk of fire. I shut off the water, called my husband at work and explained the situation. Since my husband is quite handy, we were able to avoid the expense of hiring a plumber. I simply needed to wait for my husband to get done with work, drive to the home improvement store and purchase a new water heater. Going an entire day with no running water was very inconvenient and unpleasant. That evening, my husband installed the new water tank. It worked perfectly for about a week. I then began noticing that the water from the various faucets was turning black and developing a really foul smell. I googled these concerns and learned that the anode rod was to blame. An anode rod is a component of the water tank that is designed to pull hard water minerals and scale out of the water. Our water is so extremely overrun with calcium, lime and rust that the anode rod became contaminated. It was actually polluting the water. We had no choice but to remove the anode rod. Unfortunately, that voids the manufacturer’s warranty.



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I bought a modular kitchen.

My husband and I had been talking about getting a modular kitchen and opening a food truck.

I had already done a lot of research on where to find a reasonably priced modular kitchen, and I wanted to know if it was a drivable modular kitchen.

I found out that a food truck and a modular kitchen were the same thing. I had watched food truck wars on TV, and the modular kitchen looked tiny. With three people inside, they seem to always be bumping into each other. When we looked at the modular kitchen we were interested in, it seemed much bigger than we thought it would be. There was a refrigerator, freezer, oven, several cookers and fryers. Everything you needed to make the sandwiches I wanted to sell was available. I even had enough prep area to create side dishes to go with our sandwiches. When we first discussed buying a modular kitchen, we never expected to end up with a full-size food truck. We thought we would and up with something that looked like a small box van, but we were wrong. Even though we bought the modular kitchen as is, my husband is a mechanic and he could do all the mechanical work that was needed to make my modular kitchen drivable. We a lot of cleaning to do in the kitchen area, but once we were done, I had a beautiful modular kitchen that I was proud to sell food out of anywhere in our area. I can’t say that our modular kitchen was an instant success, but we were making enough money to keep the business going and having a lot of fun doing it.

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Hiring a floor cleaning company

They not only handle all of the upkeep for the wood floors and tiles but clean the rugs I’ve purchased.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I purchased a very large, very old home. One of our favorite features was the hardwood floors throughout most of the living space. Although the floors were in terrible condition, we felt confident that they could be brought back to their original beauty. In the kitchen and bathrooms, we loved the older tiles. Again, the surfaces had been badly neglected. The grout between the tiles was stained. The tiles were dull looking. When I started researching professional companies to handle the job, I came across a floor cleaning company. They specialize in stripping and waxing tile floors and refinishing wood floors. I got a free estimate and was impressed by the reasonable price. I was also thrilled that they were willing to start the job immediately. My husband and I were anxious to move into our new home. However, we didn’t want to move our furniture and other possessions in when the floors were being done. In a matter of days, the cleaning company had the house ready for us. The end result was positively stunning. They had not only eliminated the stains on the wood floors but given them a gorgeous shine. The tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen looked brand new again. Since then, I’ve continued to hire the same cleaning company for regular maintenance. They not only handle all of the upkeep for the wood floors and tiles but clean the rugs I’ve purchased. Because of their attention, the rugs and floors always look perfect. I never need to worry about stains or the growth of harmful toxins. I can expect all the floor surfaces to last longer.


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Different fencing materials

I’ve been researching different types of fencing materials. I plan to have a fence installed around a portion or my entire property. The dimensions of the fence will depend on price. I’m also concerned about the amount of upkeep the fence involves. I don’t want to spend every summer working on the fence. I would like the material to be durable and hold up for many years. However, the more sustainable the style of fence, the more expensive it is. If money was no option, I would choose a masonry wall fence. Fences that are constructed out of brick, stone, block, concrete or stuck are built to last. These types of fences are especially beautiful and greatly increase the value of the property. However, masonry work requires specialized craftsmen and both the materials and labor are especially costly. Masonry wall fencing is known for its exceptional longevity. These fences can hold up for more than 100 years without any problems. I also like the look of vinyl fencing. It’s very modern and requires no maintenance. The fence can be hosed down and continues to look like new. The life expectancy of a vinyl fence is typically between twenty and thirty years. The reliability depends on the quality of the brand. The better manufacturers warranty their vinyl products for the lifetime of the fence. A wooden fence needs more care than the others. Without maintenance, it will rot, potentially become infested with bugs and fall apart. It is relatively easy to replace individual planks and boards. If there is scraping and painting involved, the job becomes very labor intensive.

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Window tinting for security reasons

I am a single girl in her 20s and I get nervous being home alone. I don’t live in a very populated area. I am mainly surrounded by woods. So the chance of a robber or criminal coming into my house is very low. However, I really don’t want to take a chance with my safety. I have invested in all types of home security measures. I bought motion activated lights for the front and back of my house. I have security cameras mounted outside of both of my windows. I have locks on the windows and an alarm system for my house. The last change was adding a window tint to all the windows. I didn’t feel the blinds and curtains were secure enough. You also can tell when lights are on in the house with curtains or blinds. So adding a window tint was a better option. I can be in my house and be totally secure. What is great is that the window tint doesn’t allow outside visibility, strictly inside. So I can peer out all my windows and nobody’s the wiser. I can walk around my house in my underwear and it isn’t a problem. It is a fairly low cost security measure that everyone should have. The window tinting company did the whole house in a day and it wasn’t that much money. I will need to call for window tinting maintenance someday but that will be years down the road. For now I am going to have perfectly blocked out windows to keep me safe.



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My glamorous dining room made me happy!

When I was younger, I always pictured myself as having a very glamorous dining room love those used in the movies of the 1940s. I was going to marry a rich man who would give me the silver plated mirror frame to go at the back of our bed. My bed was going to be simple but elegant, with deep sweeping lines & amazing detail on the posts. I pictured myself sitting on the bed in a glamorous and slinky nightgown, waiting for our spouse come to bed. When I got older, I realized that getting a glamorous dining room was not going to be as incostly as I wanted, & our system of a glamorous dining room missed the mark for this week’s world. I would still try to get the glamorous dining room of our dreams, if I was willing to shell out thousands & thousands of dollars, but our spouse Max & I didn’t have it. Instead, Max asked a neighbor of his to build us a headboard & footboard to go with a rather plain mattress & box Springtimes. Max had a matching chiffarobe that has the same design on the doors as all of us kept on our headboard & footboard. When the neighbor was done with the carving & staining of the wood, I was ecstatic. Although it wasn’t a grand dining room that Marlena Dietrich may have spent time in during his movies, it was still the perfect grand dining room for Max & I to savor for the rest of our lives. The 1st night our glamorous dining room was in location, I put on our most glamorous set of pajamas, curled up in the blanket, & watched a movie with Max.


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My little brother wanted to install a grand lake house theater.

I savor our brother Bob, however he has some weird ideas about what he can do with his small home, but last week, Bob told me he was going to convert his entire basement into a grand lake house theater.

I looked around his basement, & asked Bob where he was going to get a grand screen from, which did not make his cheerful.

Bob simply told me where there’s a will, there’s a way, although I wasn’t having it. Bob’s basement had dirt floors, the natural gas furnace was taking up the back quarter of the basement, & his washer & dryer were both standing on boards in the other corner. I asked Bob how many people would be going into that grand lake house theater, & he told me it would be whomever he invited; which I was quite sure was not going to be me. Bob was picturing a wall with a door, going up in front of the washer, dryer, & gas furnace. Bob was going to have his spouse cement over the dirt, & put heavy carpeting over the cement. Bob showed me where he was going to have the sizable movie screen, & how he would set the chairs up on platforms so people could stand behind each other & still see the movie screen. Bob even had an system of where he was going to location the movie camera to project the movies onto the screen, then knowing our brother, I was sure that if Bob accomplished what he wanted for the basement, he would easily have a grand lake house theater. When I hugged Bob, I told him that I hope it comes to fruition because I would love to experience his new grand lakeside house theater when it is done.

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